Practical Measures for Management of Risks from Natural Hazards

Comprehensive Services for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

Catastrophes around the world have been increasing in frequency during the last few years and with climate change, this trend is likely to continue. Natural events like earthquakes, landslides and floods cannot be prevented but the resulting extensive damages and significant economic losses can. Risk can be assessed, mapped and then mitigated against.

Our areas of expertise are encompassed in "mountain engineering": Rockfalls, Mudflows, Landslides, Floods and Avalanches.

CSD Engineers offers a comprehensive package of consulting services within all phases of natural hazard risk management. By holding the mouse over each segment you will see  the types of services we can provide and by clicking on each you will find selected specific references which can be downloaded in PDF.

Hazard Mapping

Topographical surveys

Hazard level evaluation and grading

Field investigations

Producing GIS based hazard maps

Risk Assessment

Definition of influencing factors

Risk calculations for each hazard

Compilation of risk maps

Evaluation of socio-economic impacts

Evaluation of climate change impacts

Design of Protective Measures

Concept design

Schematic design

Detailed design

Implementation Management

Tender specifications

Tender evaluation support

General construction site management

Competence in technical supervision


Monitoring and Alarm Systems

Development, installation and configuration of monitoring and alarm systems

Visualisation and interpretation of data

Survey and periodical construction, maintenance and evaluation